For secure and reliable forms of identification, HSPD-12 states that “The Standard will include graduated criteria, from least secure to most secure, to ensure flexibility in selecting the appropriate level of security…” Secure Network Systems™ (SNS) embraces the Tiers of Trust™ concept and is a founding member of the consortium.

The Tiers of Trust program was designed to ease the burden of the unfunded mandate to comply with FIPS 201 for interoperability. Compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) keeps a jurisdiction eligible for federal preparedness grants. A team of leading security companies has banded together and assembled their GSA-approved FIPS 201 products into a system for issuance and usage of First Responder Access Credentials (FRAC), and is allowing no-charge usage of the software and special pricing on readers and contactless card stock for legitimate first responder organizations. The resulting credentials that can be created/issued conform to FIPS 201 and NIMS, and cost substantially less than dual interface credentials. Plus control over identity records can be kept in-house, and controlled locally.


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