Secure Network Systems™ is a U.S. developer and manufacturer of high-quality security solutions. Focused in the converged IT/Network and Physical Security arena, SNS has a proven background in elegantly solving difficult problems for clients large and small, spanning many industries, each with diverse needs and constraints. With a strong heritage of delivering world-class solutions, the individuals that comprise the core team possess decades of experience across multiple security disciplines. SNS's substantial R&D initiatives and advanced thinking have been shaped by the brightest security minds which comprise our Advisory Board, and has resulted in a revolutionary new security product family, CRITSEC®.

From the foundational level, SNS employs a comprehensive, risk-based approach to managing all of an organization's assets, leveraging accepted best practices and innovative solutions resulting in customer satisfaction, even delight. SNS has built a partner ecosystem to ensure effective solutions that encompass people/process/technology aspects as well as unify risk management across physical and cyber security realms are intelligently deployed. SNS has distinguished itself through the delivery of innovative security solutions that interlink layered defenses to effectively improve an organization's overall security risk posture in a cost-conscious manner.

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