Howard A. Schmidt, (on leave of absence while protecting our country) President of the Information Security Forum, President and CEO of R&H Security Consulting, formerly eBay VP and CISO, former White House cybersecurity advisor and previously Microsoft CSO.  Earlier roles with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and the FBI established him as an expert in IT forensics.  An influential leader in US Government security matters, he is renowned for promoting effective, practical security and cutting through the chaff to the heart of security matters.


Jon Callas, CTO and CSO of PGP Corporation, is an internationally recognized expert on encryption and digital authentication. He was formerly the Chief Scientist at PGP, Inc., CTO of the Network Security Division of Network Associates, and Director of Software Engineering at Counterpane Internet Security Inc. He is the principal author of the IETF’s Open PGP standard and an internationally-recognized thought leader.


Richard Forno served as the first Chief Security Officer for the InterNIC and developed the first incident handling capability for the United States House of Representatives. Currently, he is a Principal Consultant for KRvW Associates and co-founder of Outbreak Security, LLC. He is a Visiting Scientist at the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, renowned cybersecurity author, and popular speaker.


Harley Rinerson has an extensive career in government information technology. He served as the State of Colorado CISO, where he initiated and developed Colorado’s Information Security Strategy and Program. He is the CIO for Colorado’s Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and leads converged security initiatives in Emergency Management for the Colorado National Guard.


Dr. Murray Hamilton is the Director for the Rocky Mountain Center for Homeland Defense at the Denver Research Institute at Denver University. He has a robust background in research and development of detection and protection against WMD agents and incidents involving WMD. He is intimately involved in all-hazards planning and response, and has been influential in the intelligent allocation of Homeland Security grant programs.


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