SNS offers infrastructure solutions span centralized and/or cloud computing needs, in a risk-based manner which means cost-appropriate countermeasures that can be scalable when requirements change. SNS’s expertise was established through our decades of working in large-scale, sophisticated environments where heterogeneous platforms work cooperatively within a defense-in-depth topology. Our best practice methodology encompasses datacenters, networks, and endpoints, including web and mobile-based users. Because our specialists understand the quality of service demands of various systems, we bring a realistic perspective to information assurance that spans National Security, critical infrastructure sectors, and high-availability commercial systems.

  • High-Availability Data Centers
  • Layered Network Device Architecture
  • Best Practices Patch Management
  • Scalable Remote Access Security
  • Gradient Cloud Security Planning
  • Incident and Event Handling
  • Log Management Design and Analysis
  • Quality of Service/Security Metrics

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