SNS can develop, refine, and exercise risk-based Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans and processes appropriate to the vulnerabilities and threat horizon. Starting from the Business Impact Analysis phase, our specialists can design questionnaires and conduct interviews that rank systems in terms of mission-criticality. From this foundation, we devise realistic, cost-effective approaches and deploy selected strategic implementations spanning all levels of system priorities. Our recommendations are practical and capable of being exercised to maintain viability and effectiveness. SNS’s incident handling, escalation and contingency planning, and performance in real-world events is acknowledged, and our devotion to First Responders encompasses public and private sector organizations.

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Define and Implement Preventative Controls
  • Develop Alternative Contingency Strategies
  • Definition of Incident Handling, Crisis Management, and Escalation Processes
  • Identify Operations Critical to Survival
  • Interim Measures to Recover After Disruption
  • Crisis Communication Planning
  • Information Sharing Policies Between Stakeholders

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