The SNS team has in depth skills to categorize the nature of threats, vulnerabilities, and business impact, and has experience with leading risk assessment and management philosophies, with respect to pertinent regulations. SNS has proven expertise across multiple critical infrastructure sectors, covering technology, process, and staff training. Utilizing best practice techniques appropriate to the risk, our experts have adapted prominent, authoritative methodologies to align the assessment steps with your desired degree of security rigor. SNS has also helped many clients with translating risk assessments through to solution architecture and design, and ultimately deployment. We advocate layered defenses with best-of-breed toolsuites and baseline best practice processes to address the risks appropriate to the assets and the environment.

SNS vulnerability assessments can include best practice processes, security awareness and adherence to policy for staff, and the full spectrum of penetration testing – from a level 1 identification and elimination of false positives through Red Team exercises. Our specialists can provide certification and accreditation services to meet specific regulatory needs, and highlight confidentiality, integrity, availability and privacy requirements.

  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Best Practices Processes and Practices
  • Sophisticated IT and SCADA Environments
  • Recommendations for High-Priority Countermeasure Alternatives
  • Non-impact Testing of 'Fragile' Systems
  • Auditing to COBIT/COSO and ISO 27001
  • Staff Security Awareness and Adherence to Policy
  • Certification and Accreditation to SOX, PCI-DSS, DIACAP/NIACAP, FIPS 201 Standards

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