SNS’s skills in secure migration of interfaces and core functional modules are renowned across government and private sector clients. When your underlying systems need to migrate to adapt to changing needs, our specialists can provide expert assistance to bring new integrated solutions on-time and within budget, guaranteed. Our team has proven successes in securing all interfaces to in a mesh of trusted enclaves, and confidence increases from project initiation and is kept on track with rigorous Project Management practices. This high-quality approach streamlines certification and accreditation through to formal Authority to Operate approvals. The SNS team is certified by the GSA as an HSPD-12 Complete End-to-End Solutions Provider, see:

  • Open Standards and Legacy Systems
  • Secure Interfaces Between Core Systems
  • Integration of Traditional Silo'd Systems
  • Wireless, Mobile Voice and Data Communications
  • Security Zone Analysis and Design
  • Policy definition and Development
  • De-coupling of Monolithic Systems
  • Harmonization of Trust Levels

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